Frances Baskerville

The Artist

“I paint the figure because I am fascinated by human energy. Whether it takes the form of physical movement, as in dance, or the form of emotional or spiritual intensity, I try to capture particular moments. I am interested in the ways that people experience imprisonment and liberation. My figures are striving …often for something they cannot reach or can reach only momentarily. Moments of release are short-lived but beautiful.”

Frances is a graduate of English, Language and Literature at the University of Toronto and has a Masters degree from the University of Western Ontario. After careers in education, librarianship and public service management, she entered art school and has committed herself to art since graduation from the Victoria College of Art in 2000. Her work highlights the human form in large, emotionally-charged acrylic canvases. Figures are powerful but vulnerable. Heavily textured surfaces of canvas, cardboard, burlap and paint reflect the multilayered nature of reality and the precariousness of the human condition.

A recipient of the Herbert Siebner Practising Artist Award, Frances has had solo shows in Victoria, Sidney, Parksville, Port Moody, Vancouver, and Portland, Oregon. Her work has been exhibited at Arthur Leggett Fine Art in Toronto, THEWORKS Festival of Art in Edmonton, the BC Festival of the Arts, the Campbell River Art Gallery, and the Maple Ridge and Burnaby art galleries. In Victoria her work has been exhibited at the Fran Willis Gallery, Martin Batchelor Gallery, the Gallery at the MacPherson, the Arts Council of Greater Victoria, the Rogueart Gallery, the May Ip-Lam Art Gallery, the Sooke and Sidney Fine Arts Shows, the Maltwood Gallery at the University of Victoria and Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Among her commissions is a 10 foot square mural for the City of Victoria beautification project at Royal Athletic Park. In August 2010 her installation “In the moment” a 13 panel mural based on the theme “multiculturalism and community” was inaugurated at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre.

Public art installations can be viewed at Royal Athletic Part and the Gordon Head Recreation Centre.

She is represented by the Madrona Gallery in Victoria.

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